Wanna help us advance this project?  Hit us up at

Here are things we can use:

Clothing – Girl clothes, obviously.  Wigs…makeup…whatever you’ve got.  If you have some good stuff you might rather sell, let us know and MAYBE we’ll buy it from you if it’s REALLY COOL.  Donations preferred though.

Money – Yeah.  Who doesn’t want this?  Whatever, though.  If you like what we’re doing and would like to throw us a few bones for the show, then by all means, send some paypal money to:  Also clicking our affiliate ads in the sidebars might help.

Balloons, Glitter, Confetti, Sunshine, etc - You know…or props or whatever you think is cool and we might can use.

Yourself – We want to work with models and make up artists.  We want to work with fashion designers and photographers.  We want to work with painters, sculptors and visual artists of all kinds.  We want to have a good time.  Don’t be shy.