Modern femininity, itself, is an intentional art.  Dressing oneself in the attire of a female is a time consuming ritual, with temporary results, that many women and some men practice in an attempt to achieve a larger emotional effect.  Often the internal intent is the individual’s concept of beauty.  Compare this to masculinity, which typically does not embrace such laborious personal decoration.  When masculinity is practiced, if any external or intentional art is presented at all, it generally comes in the form of theater at its best and buffoonery at its worst.

Ideally, this project will be an ever growing, detail oriented, immersion in the artistic indulgence behind modern femininity.  We are not aiming to dabble in camp or kitsch, but instead to utilize our medium to present something softer, thoughtful and generally more feminine in essence.  Additionally, as paint can cover more than just a canvas to achieve an interesting or emotional result, the same can be said about items of feminine attire and their relation to a person.  Though persons there will be, this is not a one dimensional project.

Your host is an organizer, model and designer  for this idea.  He usually appears as a male.  However, among his many talents, is a knack for feminine design.  He understands why it takes a woman three hours to get ready…because he’s been that woman getting ready.  He’s also a musician and writer.

In the future, we aim to perhaps take this concept to new levels, working with additional models, friends and photographers.  If you’re at all interested in working with us, or have any questions, email contact@feminineconcept.com.

No ignorance please.